How I Juggle Motherhood and 3 Different Careers

How I Juggle Motherhood and 3 Different Careers - Working Mom Tips - Busy Mom Tips - Mommy Life Planning

Since August, I have been juggling motherhood and 3 different careers.

I’ve been a mother for 4 years now.  A freelance marketer/designer for entrepreneurs for about a year and a half now. Now, I am also teacher.  I teach K-3 at a small private school and kids in China through VIPKID.

Do I sleep? Yes.  Do I have a social life?  Yes.  Do I have me time? Sometimes. lol.

Check out how I make juggling these areas of my life more enjoyable and less stressful.  Also check out how I plan on improving for next year.

Motherhood: Busy not guilty

I wish I was one of those moms that was super organized and did laundry with a smile on my face.  With my hectic life I’m happy to even remember to put the clothes in the dryer.  Let’s not even mention fold them.

Somethings I do be a busy mom with no guilt:

  • Make sure to hug and cuddle with her as often as I can
  • Put my phone away
  • Actually play with my child (Bella loves pretending to be my mom)
  • Ask her about her day when I pick her up from daycare/preschool
  • Plan meals for the week
  • Talk to other moms

Marketing/Designing: Peaceful Client Projects

I only take on enough projects at a time that I can handle without getting stressed out.  Basically, I accept repeat business from client’s I’ve already worked with.  The only new business have been referrals from those clients at this time. I still have my Etsy shop, but haven’t been promoting it as much.

Somethings I do to have a peaceful creative experience:

  • Set realistic turnaround times
  • Ask their ideal deadline upfront
  • Provide multiple concepts during the draft stage
  • Design while Bella is asleep or napping
  • Play some music

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Teaching: Rocking Kinder Jungle

Teaching 4 different grades to 8 students in 1 classroom seemed overwhelming at first. I decided to use a Montessori-style approach with centers for differentiated instruction.  I am a new teacher so I will not pretend to be a know it all.  I watch lots of videos and read several blogs for classroom management and lesson plan ideas.

Somethings I do to rock the school day:

  • Get Starbucks in the mornings sometimes.  It’s the little things ya know.
  • Stay consistent with my class’s routine
  • Eat healthy snacks (apples with caramel sauce or Nutella with bread sticks are my fave)
  • Keep the centers simple
  • Accept that anything not completed today can be done tomorrow

VIPKID: Teaching Kids in China

I teach either really early in the morning, really late at night and sometimes both.  This completely frees up my day.  From 9 am to 8 pm EST I have time to teach my K-3 classes during the day and on the weekends I can spend time with my daughter and work on client projects.

Somethings I do to have an easy breezy class:

  • Review my lesson a few hours before each class to gather any props and practice any songs.
  • Make sure Bella has a toy or show to occupy her during class if she is awake.  I do let her say Hi to my students too 🙂
  • Make sure my App notifications are on so I get the “15 minutes til class” notification.
  • Enter the classroom at least 5 minutes before the start time to avoid IT issues.
  • Try my best to wrap up the class between 25 and 28 minutes.
  • Type my feedback during class so I can just copy and paste it after the class ends.
  • Submit a ticket with the issue to education as soon I can when IT issues occur.

If you are interested in becoming a VIPKID Teacher here is my referral link.

How I want to Improve: Planning

Teaching has forced me to become a planner.  For my VIPKID classes I have to make myself available weeks ahead at a time for parents to book slots.  For my K-3 students the school I teach at requires me to submit lesson plans at least a week in advance.  Now, they require teachers to submit lesson plans for a quarter at a time -____-

My client projects are pretty flexible, but I have had my wits end with last minute design projects.  A client contacted me the day before Thanksgiving with the deadline of Thanksgiving at noon.  From that point on no more clients are allowed to cut into my family and friends time.

I’m not going to lie.  I hate planning.  Yes, I am a Virgo.  At times it feels like I’m the only Virgo on the planet that hates planning.  Or at least I hate the traditional planning process.  I’m more of a bullet list planner.  Or a box-checker-offer.

This weekend I am FORCING myself to plan out 2018.  The thought of planning that far out scares me.  I will have the candles and coffee ready!

Plan Your Feed With Planoly

How do you plan?  What planner are you using for the new year?




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