How To: Get Etsy Reviews for Items Sold in Person

HOW TO Get Reviews For Etsy Listings Sold In Person - Etsy Seller Tutorial

Have you ever sold an item to someone at a trade show or Art Market and wanted to get an Etsy review, but just didn’t know how?  With these 4 easy steps and a video you will be able to do just that!

Step 1 Make Sure They Sign In

Sometime last week Etsy rolled out the ability for buyers to purchase as a guest.  That is great for the buyer, not the seller.  You need them to sign into their account to make the purchase so that they can leave a review and see additional items that you offer in your shop when they favorite your store.

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10 Ways To Live Outside The Lines

10 ways to live outside the lines - happiness -

Hey hot Mamas and Papas!

Don’t you think it’s funny how society teaches us from a very young age to stay within the lines and box, but then we grow up and the world tells us to do the complete opposite?  Especially in the pursuit of happiness?

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