7 Resources That Helped Me Get More Sales On Etsy

7 Resources that Helped Me Get More Etsy Sales - Marketing - Design - Business - ecommerce

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Want to learn some tips to get more sales on Etsy?  Yesterday, on my other blog I shared my 15th sale on my Etsy shop and the doubts that I used to have about it. Today, I am going to share with you 7 resources that helped me get more sales and what you can expect to learn from each.

  • HelenInBetween’s class on Brit + Co taught me about editing flat lays and outside photos with an App called A Color Story.  Made all the difference in flat lay photos that I use in my product listings on Etsy. I took the class when it was free, but now it’s only $29.
  • Holly Castro’s video on YouTube about Why you aren’t getting sales on Etsy.  I learned about the importance of going above and beyond for customers and also to study the success of other shops.
  • Trissha Taylor Creative’s channel on YouTube about selling printables and selling on Etsy.  Learned about product listings, optimizing the shop and pricing.

7 Resources that Helped Me Get More Etsy Sales - Marketing - Design - Business - ecommerce

  • Hustle Queen’s video on YouTube about 5 tips to Increase Traffic to Etsy shop.  Learned a little bit about Etsy SEO, keywords and tags.
  • ThreeLittleChrystal’s video on YouTube about her first month and a half on Etsy.  Learned about Etsy teams and the Etsy community.
  • Sergey Kasimov’s video on YouTube about getting more sales on Etsy. He stressed the importance of interacting with other shop owners by favoriting and following.
  • Stealth Station’s video on Etsy about increasing sales by being different and promoting your shop the right way with social media. I learned that you have to find a way to create a way to capture leads so that you can keep them posted on new products you are offering. I haven’t made my landing page yet, but it’s in the works 😉

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