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I took my own advice from the last blog post and decided to take a weekend off.  I actually took two off from 10+ hours of working on my business a day.  Went on a few dates…with the same man.

Dating as a single mom is kinda hard.  Especially if your child is very young, like mine.  At this age they require so much attention so there is very little time for socializing let alone dating.

Add to the mix the title of Entrepreneur and there really is no time for dating.  I took a break from dating for 5 1/2 months. That’s the longest time ever that I have taken out time to avoid men and focus on my goals.

I think the break has definitely paid off.  It gave me time to reflect on lessons learned from past relationships and figure out what I truly want in a future boyfriend.  It also gave me time to really process what dating really is and what a healthy relationship should consist of.

When I’m dating someone I mention my child and our activities, but they don’t meet my child unless we are serious and officially dating. I also don’t meet a man’s child unless this is the case.

Dating for the Mompreneur

Every relationship between co-parents of a child are different.  Some are like friends and can have civil conversations and interactions.  Some are like enemies at war struggling in a constant pursuit of power over the other.  Some are so delusional that they will sabotage any attempt of the other of finding happiness with someone else. Some co-parents don’t live together, but that man pays all the bills so the mother can stay home with the baby.

As a single mother deciding to date again you have to think of your ideal mate, but also what are willing and not willing to accept.  No one is perfect so you have to determine what types of behavior and personality quirks you are willing to put up with. Also, as an entrepreneur you have to determine how much time you want to spend having fun verses doing something to move your business forward.  You have to spend extra time determining if this person values the time you are spending with them.  You also have to make sure they understand how important your business is to you.

If the man has children, things you have to consider: How active is he in his child’s life? Is his ex-wife or baby mama crazy?  Is she still in love with him?  Is he still in love with her?  Does he respect her?  Does he have more than one baby mama?  Do I really want to deal with all of their drama?   What was is his family like?  Was his father active in his life?

If the man doesn’t have children, things you have to consider: What is is his family like?  Was his father active in his life? How does he feel about single motherhood and co-parenting?  Does he have younger siblings that he has helped raise? Does he want children?  How is he around children?  Does he have any children on the way? Is he crazy?  Does he have a crazy ex?

The guy I’ve started seeing is really funny, smart and cute!  I hope we talk for a while and really get to know each other.  He doesn’t have kids which is nice, because I have had some bad experiences with other baby mamas. lol.

Have you ever dealt with a crazy baby mama or baby daddy of someone you were dating?  Wish you the best of luck in finding joy, peace and success!

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