Bella’s First Day of Preschool

Bella's First Day of Preschool

Hey there,

Bella had her first day of preschool on Monday.  She goes to the same day care, but now she is in the 3 year old room from 9am – 12pm with structured lessons.

I’m so thankful that her day care let her get in the class.  My mom and I spent hours last week looking for a pre-school that would let her be in the 3 year old class since she won’t be 3 until October.

Bella's First Day of Preschool

We are in Florida.  They put a rule in place that children can’t start preschool officially until they are 3 and their birthday has to be on or before September 1st.  This is an archaic rule.  It’s a rule that’s been in place since I was a child and I’m 27 now.

Like most things in Florida the school system is backwards.  We even called private preschools and they all sung the same song “She has to be 3 on Sept. 1st, it’s a rule.”  This is even though my child is potty trained and knows her numbers, colors and shapes.

Just so happy that her pre-school director, Ms. Nelli, was understanding.  She let Isabella sit with the 3 year olds during lessons a few months ago.  She said that she was ready.

Monday was her official first day and we spent Sunday at Target getting her supplies.

1 Box of Jumbo Crayons

The only thing we couldn’t find was Jumbo Pencils.  We looked at Michaels and they din’t have any.  I asked another parent if they saw any at Wal-Mart and he said no.  I guess the only place to get them is the Dollar Store.  I went to Dollar Tree and didn’t find any, but my mom told me that they are at Dollar General.  She’s always right.

Her first day went really well.  No food spills on the cute new outfit.  No potty accidents.  She sat through the lessons and then played for the next few hours in after care just like usual.

I can’t believe it!  It seems like yesterday I was dropping her off for her first day of day care when she was 3 months old.

First Day of Day Care - Bella and Mommy

I got a little sad but did not cry.  The last few months she was home with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We had so much fun going off on adventures during the week.  It was fun having her home more than her being in day care.  It was hard on me getting stuff done for my business at the same time, but I learned A LOT about time management.

If you get any time to be home with your child during the week TAKE IT!

When you drop your child off for preschool, don’t cry.  Be strong.  It is the beginning of a new adventure.  Not the end.

<3 Erica

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