Stop Putting Children in Boxes

Hey there,

I am a little annoyed with the amount of ignorance and closed-mindedness in the world.

People keep trying to put my child in a box. Which box is this?

A racial box. The one that you would like to think that people would be smart enough not to comment on or talk about, but they do…often.

Bigots have become very sophisticated. They are not going to comment on your child’s hair or just ask about the ethnicity of other parent. They will try to give your mixed race child title’s such as “Quadroon.” Or will pressure the parent as identifying the child as only one race.

A few weeks ago on Youtube, I commented on a video and said that I was glad the lady in the video recognized people as bi-racial. Another person commented that my child is Black. How does someone I don’t know try to tell me what my child is? My child is bi-racial. She is who she is.

Earlier today on Periscope someone asked if that was my Quadroon. I asked them to elaborate on what that means. They told me to go to Google and I proceeded to nearly curse them out. I didn’t know what it was, but then I looked it up. That person was such a bigot that they couldn’t even elaborate on what they were saying. They actually expected me to know. I am not well versed in racial terms. I am a Black mother with a mixed child. I don’t have time to consume myself with such character traits as someone’s decent or pigment.

People’s minds are so fixated on putting people in boxes that they say ignorant things to me also. Someone earlier today said Mulatto Much to me. People can’t change what they don’t want to. I just have to pray for the people that have to deal with them in real life.

Has anyone ever tried to stick your child in a box?

It is something that I hope no other parent experiences. Praying for a time with more love and less hate.

Love Always,

Mommy and Bella

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