How I Juggle Motherhood and 3 Different Careers

How I Juggle Motherhood and 3 Different Careers - Working Mom Tips - Busy Mom Tips - Mommy Life Planning

Since August, I have been juggling motherhood and 3 different careers.

I’ve been a mother for 4 years now.  A freelance marketer/designer for entrepreneurs for about a year and a half now. Now, I am also teacher.  I teach K-3 at a small private school and kids in China through VIPKID.

Do I sleep? Yes.  Do I have a social life?  Yes.  Do I have me time? Sometimes. lol.

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When I’m Not Designing

Lately I’ve started to feel like a WORKAHOLIC.  More like a design-a-holic really.

I created the video below to share with my social media family what I do when I’m not designing and also to remind myself.

I’m still looking for balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Today, I learned the idea that “Your business is supposed to be a reflection of your life.  Not the other way around.”

How do you balance motherhood with business?

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How To: Get Etsy Reviews for Items Sold in Person

HOW TO Get Reviews For Etsy Listings Sold In Person - Etsy Seller Tutorial

Have you ever sold an item to someone at a trade show or Art Market and wanted to get an Etsy review, but just didn’t know how?  With these 4 easy steps and a video you will be able to do just that!

Step 1 Make Sure They Sign In

Sometime last week Etsy rolled out the ability for buyers to purchase as a guest.  That is great for the buyer, not the seller.  You need them to sign into their account to make the purchase so that they can leave a review and see additional items that you offer in your shop when they favorite your store.

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Dating as a Mompreneur

Dating for Mommies - Entrepreneurs - Mompreneurs - Girlboss -

Hi There,

I took my own advice from the last blog post and decided to take a weekend off.  I actually took two off from 10+ hours of working on my business a day.  Went on a few dates…with the same man.

Dating as a single mom is kinda hard.  Especially if your child is very young, like mine.  At this age they require so much attention so there is very little time for socializing let alone dating.

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Juggling Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Juggling Motherhood and Entrrepreneurship

Hi There,

The juggling act of being a mother and an entrepreneur over the last 6 months has been a challenge.

At times I feel so overwhelmed and stressed that I just want to throw in the towel. The only thought that keeps me going is that Bella is looking up to me.  I also have to remember that there are plenty of single mothers running businesses just like me.

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Bella’s First Day of Preschool

Bella's First Day of Preschool

Hey there,

Bella had her first day of preschool on Monday.  She goes to the same day care, but now she is in the 3 year old room from 9am – 12pm with structured lessons.

I’m so thankful that her day care let her get in the class.  My mom and I spent hours last week looking for a pre-school that would let her be in the 3 year old class since she won’t be 3 until October.

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